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Knife Zodiac Sign Taurus Ideal Gift for Traditional Lederhosen Original Austria - Deer Catcher Real Deer Horn Handle


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    Traditional costume knife with real stag horn handle - decorative cap zodiac sign as part of traditional costumes often more as a decorative object than as a utility knife or weapon.

    In Bavaria and Austria, a knife like this belongs in every lederhosen and such knives are also called stilettos or “stilettl” and usually have a real stag horn handle. Handles made from deer legs are rarer. These traditional knives also include so-called snack knives
    -Blade 100 mm stainless, highly polished,
    - Ferrule made of antique silver-plated brass,
    -Safety leather sheath

    You can find dirndl and lederhosen accessories in our second shop:

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    What is your zodiac sign?
    Stephanie Ernst introduces all 12 zodiac signs with zodiac sign dates and
    reveals important skills and characteristics.
    Source code: https://www.eltern.de/familie-urlaub/sternzeichen-daten--die-12-zeichen-im-ueberblick-12803384.html

    Capricorn Zodiac Sign Date: December 22nd – January 20th:
    A Capricorn is not easily defeated! Capricorns are persistent and persistent beings who score points with their tireless hard work and great willpower. In times of crisis, it is often Capricorn women and Capricorn men who keep a cool head and bring calm to events. Capricorns go their own way undeterred and impress others with their coolness - but sometimes Capricorns can seem a bit cold and aloof at first. However, behind the facade there are extremely loyal friends and helpful partners.
    The associated zodiac planet is Saturn - the planet of reason, discipline and teaching. This is where the high work ethic that Capricorns display comes from! Capricorn-born people are also assigned to the earth element - this makes them down-to-earth, traditional and reliable.

    Aquarius Zodiac Sign Date: January 21st – February 19th
    Adjust? No thanks! This could be the motto of the zodiac sign Aquarius. These idealistic contemporaries are the little rebels among the zodiac signs. They are only too happy to take the path that not everyone takes and live out their individuality to the fullest - often through unusual looks or an unusual job. An Aquarius would like to make the world a better place, even all alone if necessary. They don't allow themselves to be talked into anything, because it's extremely difficult for Aquarians to subordinate themselves. That's why they often simply start their own company.
    Uranus is the planet associated with the zodiac sign Aquarius. It is also known as the chaos planet - a small indication that Aquarians can be a bit unpredictable at times! Sudden changes in life could definitely happen. The zodiac sign Aquarius belongs to the element air, which symbolizes intellect, reason and freedom.

    Zodiac sign date Pisces: February 20th – March 20th
    Listening, showing compassion, being tolerant – this is extremely easy for people with the zodiac sign Pisces. They are considered the most emphatic signs in the zodiac and can show consideration and understanding for almost everyone. Pisces need togetherness and feel most comfortable when they can spend time with loved ones. You also have an enviable artistic streak and a penchant for romance and dreaminess. For Pisces women and Pisces men, there is so much more than just harsh reality! Setting boundaries and saying no – however, that is not necessarily Pisces’ strength.
    Neptune, the Pisces planet, represents intuition, dreaming and higher knowledge. No wonder that fish often have gifted instincts and their gut feeling is usually right. As you can guess, fish belong to the element of water - the element of deep feelings and great emotions.

    Aries Zodiac Sign Date: March 21st – April 20th
    With an Aries by your side, it's guaranteed not to be boring! In the zodiac, Aries is the very first zodiac sign. Aries are the pioneers, doers and conquerors among us who go through life with great energy and motivation. They should retain their youthful curiosity and playfulness even in old age. Those born in Aries don't take themselves too seriously, are open to new things and are easily inspired by innovative hobbies. But being number 1 in the zodiac also comes with a disadvantage: sometimes Aries women and Aries men are so focused on their own goals and desires that they lose sight of their surroundings.
    Power planet Mars is the corresponding celestial body for the zodiac sign Aries. The red giant embodies dominance, energy and power. This is where the great desire of those born in Aries comes from to set the tone. Their element is fire, which gives them an impressive drive and a good temperament.

    Taurus Zodiac Sign Date: April 21st – May 20th
    Taurus likes to have a good time in life! A good meal, a beautiful home, a nice meeting with old friends: these connoisseurs appreciate quality and can also enjoy the little things in life. Taurus are said to be the most loyal, but also the most stubborn zodiac signs in the zodiac. They stick to their values – come what may! This makes them very reliable and loyal people that you can always count on. However, those born in Taurus are somewhat critical of new things. They clearly prefer traditions.
    The zodiac sign Taurus and Libra both have the same ruling planet: Venus. The love and beauty planet gives Taurus a good sense of aesthetics and awakens in them the need for deep, real love. Taurus has the earth element. This makes them reliable, stable and at home.

    Zodiac sign date Gemini: May 21st – June 21st
    Versatility, openness and curiosity – these are what characterize people who were born within the zodiac sign date Gemini. On the one hand, you can stick your nose into a book alone for hours to learn new things and broaden your horizons. On the other hand, they also love socializing and need to interact with others. Since Geminis are very flexible, cosmopolitan and tolerant, they often have a large circle of friends, are popular and are considered uncomplicated. A typical weakness of the Gemini is their indecision - the Gemini can simply get something good out of every side.
    Mercury, the communication planet, is the corresponding planet for Gemini (and also for the zodiac sign Virgo). Due to the Mercury influence, Gemini are gifted copywriters, presenters or convince in other areas that have something to do with communication. Gemini is also associated with the air element. They are head people who strive for knowledge and are very freedom-loving.

    Cancer Zodiac Sign Date: June 22nd – July 22nd
    Family comes first! This is the motto of Cancers, who are considered absolute family people. Long friendships and loving partnerships are more important to them than all the money in the world. Cancer women and Cancer men resolutely go their own way and often have a remarkable career. But they always show consideration for their fellow human beings. At first, Cancers like to hide the fact that they are very emotional - they are very sensitive and cautious creatures. Harsh words hurt people born in Cancer very much. After that, a Cancer takes a very long time to recover from arguments.
    Strictly speaking, the moon is not a planet because it is too small and orbits the Earth and not the sun. Nevertheless, in astrology it is accepted as the ruling planet for the zodiac sign Cancer. The moon is a symbol of the subconscious, represents depth and secrets. No wonder people born in Cancer feel so deeply! The associated element is water. This is also about emotions, belonging and devotion.

    Zodiac sign date Leo: July 23rd – August 23rd
    Life is a stage and Leo wants the big show! Even if not every Leo-born becomes a show star, they were born with what it takes. Leos don't like to subordinate themselves - they are the born leaders among us who easily win respect through their warm-heartedness and sovereignty. However, lions are also pretty proud. Help? Gladly. But even asking for help is quite difficult for the kind-hearted lions.
    The Sun is the associated Leo planet. All the planets orbit the sun - no wonder Leos have no problem being the center of attention! Her element is fire, which explains her devoted and sometimes short-tempered nature.

    Virgo Zodiac Sign Date: August 24th – September 23rd
    Virgo-born people give a lot – in every respect! They show themselves to be caring friends, conscientious workers, tidy neighbors and always strive to fulfill their tasks. The Virgo zodiac sign is very close to home and loves a familiar home, familiar everyday routines and familiar friends. Security, financially but also in a committed relationship, is a central issue. To achieve this, Virgo gives everything. The dark side of their giving nature: Sometimes people born in Virgo forget themselves and overwhelm themselves with their tendency to perfectionism.
    The communication planet Mercury is assigned to both the zodiac sign Gemini and the zodiac sign Virgo. You can expect pleasant conversations and above-average texts from Virgo men and Virgo women. Virgos are assigned to the earth element. This element represents stability and traditions.

    Zodiac sign date Libra: September 24th – October 23rd
    Conflicts and disputes? Extremely unpleasant for Libra-born people! They love harmony and have a very strong sense of justice, which makes them ideal mediators. Graceful and loving, Libra masters diplomacy like no other sign. She is tolerant, interested and friendly towards others, and her interest in culture and education always stands out. However, those around you don't always know whether the friendliness is genuine interest or just politeness. Because a scale only allows selected people to look behind its stylish facade!
    Like Taurus, Libra is associated with the planet Venus. The celestial body has always been considered a symbol of love, passion and beauty. This is probably where the fine sense of fashion, furnishings and design that is said to come from the Libra. Like Gemini and Aquarius, the zodiac sign Libra also belongs to the air element. This makes Libra change-oriented, flexible and unattached.

    Scorpio Zodiac Sign Date: October 24th – November 22nd
    The profound Scorpios love to explore and fathom their surroundings. Their critical eye for details makes them sharp problem solvers who approach projects with a lot of passion and dedication. Scorpios often become high-flyers at work because they can optimally combine intelligence and emotion. In private life, however, emotions take over: Scorpios are said to be the best lovers, but also the most jealous zodiac signs. And once you disappoint them, your trust is gone forever.
    Mysticism, new beginnings, change, extremes – this is what Pluto, the ruling planet of Scorpio, symbolizes in astrology. In Greek mythology, Pluto is the god of the underworld. Therefore, it is not surprising that Scorpios are also interested in dark topics - for example, they are passionate crime thriller fans. The zodiac sign Scorpio belongs to the element water. And that means: feelings, feelings, feelings! A Scorpio feels intensely, even if he doesn't always show it.

    Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Date: November 24th – December 21st
    A Sagittarius needs change like fish needs water! This freedom-loving sign is a little restless adventurer - new impulses are constantly needed to feel good, otherwise a Sagittarius will become unhappy. Optimistic and determined, Sagittarians like to initiate new projects. However, since they can quickly become enthusiastic about new things, they do not see through all their projects until the end. When it comes to love, they quickly move on when they feel restricted - and that happens very quickly with these independent contemporaries!
    Jupiter, also known as the planet of luck, is the planet of Sagittarius. This stands for change, growth and progress. It's no surprise that a Sagittarius quickly becomes bored with monotonous routines. Tradition? Boring! After all, there is still so much to discover! Like Aries and Leo, Sagittarius is also associated with the element of fire. Exuberant evenings after work but also heated discussions are inevitable here.
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